About Susan Cornwell

Virginia native, Susan Cornwell grew up outside Washington D.C. with a great understanding of civil service. Both her parents worked for the United States government. It is fitting then that while attending George Mason university, Cornwell began working for ________ as a ___________.  That inevitably encouraged Cornwell to start her own company 25 years ago called TDCo.  She has been in the business of tracking U.S. Defense budgets since 1995. Cornwell analyzes defense budgets for the Pentagon, House and Senate.  She knows her vast knowledge of this subject in addition to her skills of providing quick turn-around has made her a leader in her field.  Cornwell is able to provide her clients with analysis within a 24-hour window.  Which means those agencies are able to take Cornwell’s findings to their lobbyists on the Hill to recoup funds lost in committee prior to a full floor vote. It is her precise expertise and integrity that has built her solid reputation in Washington D.C.